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Go Shopping With Kiera: Our Fashion Editor’s Holiday Wish List


Go Shopping With Kiera: Our Fashion Editor’s Holiday Wish List

Nothing is more fun than putting together your holiday wish list. I’ve narrowed my picks down and  ready to  share my wish list with you!

Ipad 2

So remember when we thought laptops were cutting edge? Well Ipads have certainly taken the shine from ancient laptops! These little electronic notebooks are convenient (they fit in most purses), have several fabulous cases available (mine is a leopard Jessica Simpson case), and offer the same features as laptops. Every girl should have one!

Wardrobe Assistant Software

Ever since I saw Clueless, I wanted Cher’s wardrobe software. Back in 1995,   this may have seemed impossible but software and technology has evolved tremendously. Thanks to Homyfads Wardrobe Organizer, you can let technology choose your clothes! Just think of the time you’ll save every morning. Now you can just type an article of clothing or a color and BAM! Your software will do all the work. Now, I just need to get a closet with a rotating clothing rack!

Sequin Beret

Seems minimal but sequins have definitely made a huge statement this fall! Adding a sequin accessory to an ensemble can easily make it pop. I love adding little things that can really transform an outfit.

Chaise Lounge

In keeping with my belief that every woman should have a boudoir and not a simple a bedroom, I feel that a chaise would make a good addition to my boudoir. Sometimes you want to relax or lounge and not lay on a bed, hence a chaise! This one will do quite nicely!

Party Dress

Talk about a New Year’s Eve dress! Forget throwing confetti, just twirl around in this dress come New Year’s Day! I always want a showstopper piece and this would definitely make my dreams come true.

Anything by Jessica Simpson

So forgive me for stating this, but I believe Jessica’s calling is fashion…not music. Jessica’s handbags, shoes, accessories, etc. are incredible and I have yet to see any piece of her collection look questionable. With that said, I can’t pick just one JS item, I picked several.

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