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Surviving Morning Sickness: What Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Know


Surviving Morning Sickness: What Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Know

When does morning sickness end? This is a question that fifty to eighty percent of pregnant woman ask during their pregnancies. The sad thing about morning sickness is that it doesn’t always last just in the morning, it can last all day.

How Soon Does Morning Sickness Start?

For some new mom’s to be morning sickness can start between the fourth and sixth week of pregnancy and the symptoms usually include back aches, excessive salivation, feeling tired and exhausted, darkening of the breast nipples, feeling constipated, food cravings, urinating frequently, lower abdominal cramps and an increased sense of smell

The Symptoms Can Be Controlled

For some women the symptoms should end by the end of the first trimester or early in the second trimester but for others the symptoms may continue a little longer. To fight back all it takes is a little evaluation by the mommy to be and her spouse or partner to figure out what’s causing the symptoms and make life a little easier for the pregnant woman.

Sometimes the symptoms can be triggered by little things in a pregnant woman’s environment like the loud ringing of a door bell, the smell of perfume or cologne, the taste of certain foods etc.

No Symptoms?

In some very rare instances there are pregnant women who won’t endure any symptoms resembling morning sickness. Before saying hallelujah!, a woman should get checked out by her OB just to confirm that everything is okay with her pregnancy because there has been research that shows a connection between lack of symptoms during the first few weeks of pregnancy and miscarriage.

Natural Cures

Every pregnant woman who is enduring the symptoms will receive a wide variety of advice on cures from her friends and family. Some of the very best cures are drinking Ginger Tea, wearing an acupressure band, eating saltine crackers, staying away from fried foods, avoiding strong odors and eating smaller meals.

Best Herbs To Stop The Symptoms

Over the last twenty years more women have taken to herbal remedies for help during the first few weeks of their pregnancies. Some of the best herbs are:

  • Cinnamon – This herb works great at slowing down and stopping the symptoms. Many women have found success in sprinkling a little cinnamon on their toast with breakfast and even sucking on cinnamon suckers during the day.
  • Peppermint – Peppermint tea works great at curing nausea. For women who don’t want to drink a cup of peppermint tea they should consider squirting a drop of peppermint oil in a hot cup of water then inhaling the vapors.
  • Red Raspberry – This herb is also excellent to take during pregnancy. Many pregnant women drink red raspberry tea during pregnancy because stops nausea and is high in iron, calcium and tones the uterine muscles.

More Effective Ways To Fight Back Against It

When does morning sickness end does not have to be a question that a pregnant woman asks every day of the first few weeks of her pregnancy. There are other ways to fight back against it like walking at least one mile per day and increasing the amount of B complex vitamins in her diet.

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