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Inspirations For Love & Life: Grateful & Thankful

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Inspirations For Love & Life: Grateful & Thankful

Christmas time is here!!! The most wonderful time of the year! This and many other lyrics to my favorite Christmas songs always play in my mind and heart during the holiday season. It automatically puts me in a good mood and brings back memories of my childhood and the precious time spent with my family.

Growing up I was blessed to have parents that went ALL out for holiday seasons. My parents would put music on, get their drink on and we’d all have a good time decorating the tree and making our home beautiful. To this day, I carry on the tradition of playing my music and decorating my home the way that my parents did. It makes me feel complete. It makes me feel grateful and thankful! Grateful that I have these beautiful memories and thankful that I am able to carry out all the beautiful qualities and traditions that my parents instilled in me.

In today’s world there is oftentimes an excess of material things; having the right shoe, the right bag, the right dress. We concentrate so much on what we show on the outside that we lose sight of what is really important. We look to complain about what we don’t have and what we want, that we lose sight of being grateful for what we do have!

Being ambitious and wanting more for ourselves is part of what makes us achieve. It keeps us striving for more and to do better. But, in order for us to obtain the “golden prize,” we have to be forever grateful and thankful for our struggles in our here and now! Our ability to live and breathe and be in the moment is the greatest gift that we have. It allows us the opportunity to begin again, even if we get it wrong. So, upon approaching this beautiful season, please be mindful of what has brought you here thus far in life and be forever grateful and thankful that the Lord has allowed you to be with your loved ones, family and friends! That he has allowed you the blessing of being “IN THIS MOMENT!!” I wish you all the best in love and health!!

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