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Everyday DIVA: Shawana Vickers of Ocala, Florida

Everyday DIVA

Everyday DIVA: Shawana Vickers of Ocala, Florida

Our Everyday DIVA of the week is Shawana Vickers

She is the President/Co-Founder–More Than Enough Women (A non-profit organization for women and young girls that empowers and motivates in all areas of life).  Aspiring plus-size model, stay at home wife and mother of two.

What makes you an everyday diva:  My style and attitude is what makes me an everyday DIVA.  I carry myself in a positive manner that reflects being a confident woman who is comfortable in my own skin.  I walk with my head held high in the hopes of inspiring other women especially my other plus size DIVAS to love who they are!!

What defines your fashion style: Inspirational Risk Taker. I’m not afraid to take risks and I love being different and simple! Since I live on a budget (as many of us do in this economy),  I love thrift shopping or shopping for statement pieces whether it’s my hair, necklace, bag or shoes!! You don’t have to go and spend a lot of money on looking good!! You can take a few dollars and turn every head in the room!

Who is your favorite designer:  I have so many but if I can choose one I would say Monif C. 

Are you an everyday DIVA? Send 3-7 everyday photos of yourself, your Name, Location, Profession, What makes you an everyday diva, What defines your fashion style, and who is your favorite designer to [email protected]

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