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Tips For Surviving Flu & Cold Season


Tips For Surviving Flu & Cold Season

Welcome to cold and flu season…it’s time to get educated! In addition to offering medicine help that is easy to understand, Help Remedies’ Medical Director David Pompei (Pharm.D) provides the below tips on navigating through the drugstore clutter and other useful information for surviving cold/flu season:

1. PREVENT yourself from needing to visit the drug aisle – wash your hands regularly, exercise, consider getting a flu shot; these basic public health measures do reduce the chance of getting sick.

2. IDENTIFY YOUR SPECIFIC SYMPTOMS. If you do get sick, avoid characterizing your condition using ambiguous terms such as ‘cold’ or ‘flu’. Instead, identify your specific symptoms; do you have a headache, does your body ache, do you have a fever, are you congested, do you have a runny nose, etc. and select product/s with active ingredients that focus on your specific symptoms rather than catchalls that may have medications that you don’t need.

3. TAKE LESS. Take just the amount of medicine you need. If a small dose relieves your symptom, there is no additional benefit in taking more. Start with a moderate dose – if you need more you can take more, up to the recommended dosage per day.

4. ASK QUESTIONS. The drug aisle can be confusing at times, and the pharmacist is there to help you get the right medication for your needs.

5. DON’T OVERDO IT. While you’re sick, take care of yourself. Rest, use a sick day, drink lots of fluids (including that old remedy, soup).

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