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Top 10 Holiday Travel Destinations for 2011


Top 10 Holiday Travel Destinations for 2011

Each year people forgo holiday shopping and decide to spend Thanksgiving and/or Christmas on the road. With Thanksgiving behind us, Christmas is just around the corner and if you have plans to travel for the holiday, you may want to tie up any loose ends. makes it easy by identifying  the Top 10 Places in the U.S. to travel during the holiday. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the list changes slightly. This list is in no specific order but it serves as a guide to help you when deciding on where to go for the holiday.

  1. New York
  2. Chicago
  3. Orlando
  4. Denver
  5. Los Angeles
  6. Las Vegas
  7. Washington D.C.
  8. Atlanta
  9. San Francisco
  10. Ft. Lauderdale

Where will be headed this holiday?

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