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Life Lessons With Mary J. Blige


Life Lessons With Mary J. Blige

With Mary J. Blige releasing My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act 1) today, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how I’ve grown with Mary and how her music is the soundtrack to many of our lives. Below are some of the lessons that Mary’s music has taught me over the years.

Take Your Time And Enjoy Life– In “Slow Down” from What’s The 411, Mary urged listeners to take their time.

Now there’s no need for us to be In a rush so slow it down Slow it down and get it right.

We are often in a hurry to get from point A to point B so we move faster than what we need to and neglect to embrace the present. Instead of rushing through life, it’s important to relax and enjoy everything that life & love has to offer. Taking things at a slower pace means laughing at the little things and as corny as it sounds, it involves taking time to smell the flowers and not allowing the hectic flow of life to run you but for you to take control of your own pace and ultimately your own happiness.

Our True Beauty Lies Within– On the song “Deep Inside” from her Mary album, the message was straight forward and to the point.

Deep inside I wish that they could see, That I’m just plain ol’ Mary, Mary.

People often judge you based on your outward appearance but imagine if we dug a little deeper? Taking your time to get to know a person allows you to see what interests you share, learn about their life experiences and uncover what their dreams are. When you let your guard down and let others in, they are inclined to reciprocate and the end result may be a wonderful and healthy friendship.

We are Forever Evolving– In 2007 Mary released the album Growing Pains. On that album the song “Work In Progress “ resonated with me.

Just like you sometimes I get down. (Just like you, I get down) Sometimes I just wanna cry. Sometimes I get depressed. And just like me, tryna be complete. Just understand we’re all just a work in progress.

No one is perfect, not even Mary J. Blige. Everyday we have to sharpen our skills, be receptive to new things and in our quest for knowledge; discover what makes us happiest. Personal growth is necessary to reach our highest potential and allowing yourself to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually is a very fulfilling experience; an experience that all of us should strive for and cherish.

As you can see there is so much to learn from Mary J. Blige and with a number of albums under her belt, the music of Mary (if compiled in a book) would make a bestseller filled with insightful, truthful and inspirational wisdom.

I want to personally thank this woman for allowing me to grow with her and for continually showing her appreciation to her fans by delivering timeless hit after hit.

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