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Helpful Tips for Couples w/ Infertility


Helpful Tips for Couples w/ Infertility

Over 6.1 million Americans of child bearing age have difficulty conceiving. While preparing to have a baby can be a very exciting time for couples, it can also be very hard on couples who haven’t tested positive yet and have been trying for some time. Below are some helpful tips for couples dealing with infertility.


It is very important for couples to keep the lines of communication open not only with each other but also maybe with another couple going through the same thing. Dealing with infertility can be like an emotional roller coaster and on top of that their are hormones to deal with too. It is amazing the amount of strength and insight you can receive in your own situation when speaking with someone who has already gone through it or is experiencing it with you. Some people are more private than others and some are more sensitive. Be selective with who you share your journey with. Whether you choose to go to group counseling, visit forums, talk to another couple, close friend or diary; just make sure that you are releasing those feelings and not keeping them trapped inside which can lead to anxiety and depression.


Spend some time alone doing nothing. Let your mind be clear of thoughts and focus on pampering yourself just because you are worth it. It can get hectic going to Dr.’s appointments, testing, hoping, praying and waiting. Realize you are not alone. There are many couples experiencing what you are. Take this time to do something really good for yourself.

Enjoy Each Other

Take the time to really just enjoy each other outside of the bedroom. Sometimes when the focus is too much in the bedroom, it can take away the intimacy that some couples are still seeking in their relationships. Being in tune with your emotions is healthy and a form of healing. Feel free to laugh and cry together but cherish each other and remember that you are not alone in your journey.

You are loved, you are beautiful.

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