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Inspirations For Love & Life: “A Toast To YOU!”


Inspirations For Love & Life: “A Toast To YOU!”

The holidays are quickly upon us! It is a time of cheer, blessings, and for me REFLECTION. For the past 9 years Thanksgiving has been at my home. I have between 15-20 guests so between the cooking and getting the house together your girl is done like the turkey! Last year I didn’t cook. My family and I went to a restaurant. My mom had passed away 2 weeks prior and I just didn’t have the emotional strength to go through this holiday without her. I privately didn’t want to cook anymore. But, upon further REFLECTION it dawned on me that my mom would be so upset with me about that decision.

I learned to cook a full Thanksgiving menu as early as 8 years old. Watching her cook, chop, slice and dice allowed me to not only be close to her but she gave me the blessing of us working together as a family and creating something beautiful! This year, I realized that even after losing her, I had to carry on the tradition of being the person to host our family memories.

The Thanksgiving holiday is often anticipated by many. Though for some, it can be a very depressing day. There are many that don’t have family close to them or may have fallen out with their families. I always felt that if you have the opportunity to open your home to someone during this special time, do so! You’d be surprised that people so need your hospitality and kindness. You become family to them because you gave your heart, your home and your traditions. I also believe it’s very important to volunteer as well. Many of us give of ourselves at soup kitchens to help in others feeling some sense of comfort during this time of year. We all have to do our part in giving back. It allows us to never take our blessings for granted and to always be grateful.

I am thankful to what my mother passed on to me. Through her love and legacy, it allows me to open my home again to my loved ones, open my heart to family, and to open my eyes to the beauty of TRADITION! I wish you all the best in love and in health!


*Note* Please email me at [email protected] with all your comments, thoughts, and suggestions!

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