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Plus & Straight Sized Models Share The Runway At ‘1426 Fashion Week’


Plus & Straight Sized Models Share The Runway At ‘1426 Fashion Week’

For decades, so much attention has been placed on straight sized models and fashion. When plus sized fashion and models began to receive its much deserved recognition, events featuring predominantly plus size women on the runway popped up everywhere. Linda Scott and the team of 1426 Fashion Week has found a way to not only celebrate women with curves but to embrace our thinner sisters as well.

LS 1426 Inc. returns with 1426 Fashion Week taking place in Dania, Florida. This 3-day (November 11-13, 2011) event which will be held at the beautiful Sheraton Airport Hotel includes a welcome reception, model workshop, designer networking event and a series of fashion show.

Featuring designers and models of all sizes from various States throughout the country, the purpose of LS 1426 Inc. is to build self-esteem and promote a lifetime of good habits as it relates to nutrition and physical activity with a concentration on women and men in the plus community.

This year LS 1426 has partnered with the Sheraton Hotel, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Godiva, YMCA, Daily Venus (media sponsor) and others to make this a successful event . A percentage of the proceeds from the event will benefit “The Poverello Center” and “The Continuous Love” organization.

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