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Tips From Le Mystere On Proper Bra Care & Fit


Tips From Le Mystere On Proper Bra Care & Fit

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They offer the following care/sizing tips on their website:

Every woman’s frame and shape is different, therefore, these steps are only a guideline. You should try and get a “one on one” fit consultation to get the best fit for your body.


Measure while wearing your own bra.

Please note this will give you an approximate measurement.

To measure OVER bust

BAND SIZE: With tape measure around upper bust, high on the back and under the arms, take a snug measurement. That number will be the band size. If it is an odd number, round up to the nearest even number.

CUP SIZE: To find your cup size, measure gently around the body across the high point or fullest point of the bust line while wearing a bra. Subtract the band size from the cup measurement just taken. The difference will help you to find the right cup.

A difference of:

  • 2” Larger indicates B cup
  • 3” Larger indicates C cup
  • 4” Larger indicates D cup
  • 5” Larger indicates E cup
  • 6” Larger indicates F cup

Five Checkpoints For A Proper Bra Fit

  1. Top of Cup should completely contain the breast.
  2. Underwire should clearly surround breast tissue on side and rest on the ribcage.
  3. Bra Band should hug firmly around body.
  4. Back of Bra should stay horizontal across back; if it rides up, band size may be too large.
  5. Center front should lay flat, down against the breastbone.
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