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Transform in Plus-Size Pin-Up Fashion

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Transform in Plus-Size Pin-Up Fashion

I love the fashion styles from the early 1900’s, especially the 1950’s: The Bettie Page Era. This was the age of Pin-Up. It was super sexy, ultra feminine and a very polished type of style. Lately, I have seen women encompass this style in their everyday fashion choices and do it without looking too costume-y. Here are a couple of options if you want to transform into earlier fashions and add some pin-up styles to your wardrobe!

Form fitting pencil dresses are a must! It will enhance your curves and show a very feminine shape. When going for a pin-up style, the dress should also have a bit of cleavage, after all pin-up pretty much equates to sexy. Cleavage should be moderate and tasteful. Top your dresses off with a thin waist belt to accentuate your waist and you’ll be good to go! These dresses are perfect for cocktails parties or even a special date night.

Full skirts and dresses with fresh designs, beautifully epitomize the pin-up fashion. If it is a dress, there should be a sash or belt that will cinch at the waist to help show shape; if it is a skirt, it’s usually high-waisted and is tighter around the waist. Pin-up is all about shape; no matter what you wear, it should show an hour-glass figure. Dresses like this are great for daytime social events. In the fall/winter, throw on some tights and a cute shrug to stay warm!

Polka dots! Anything in polka dots with the right accessories can be translated into pin-up. This polka dot, collared halter is perfect with the bright red pencil skirt. If wearing polka dots, stick to black and white and pair with an article of clothing that is a pop of color. The contrast of colors are always eye-catching, though I’m sure your outfit as a whole will already steal the show.

For accessories, proper pin-up should also include matching flowers for your hair, your hair should usually be in curls…pin curls (think Marilyn Monroe hairstyles), a red or bright pink lip is always acceptable, shoes are usually open toe and you’re all set!

Try or for some plus size pin-up fashions and accessories.

I look forward to one day seeing the plus-size Miss Dita Von Teese!

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