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Alternatives to Trick or Treating This Halloween


Alternatives to Trick or Treating This Halloween

Halloween 2oo4 - o1If you have a teenager, trick or treating may not be their thing. They like getting the candy but they’re too cool to go door to door in a costume (that’s what they think).

If your teen is getting too old to join in on the traditional festivities of Halloween, try these alternatives to ensure that they have a great time.

1. Have a Halloween party

Suggest that your child and friends throw a halloween party.  The kids and their parents will appreciate somewhere to go when they’re done trick or treating.  You can make a costume party so they can get multiple uses from their costumes.  You can give prizes for the funniest, most original or most creative costumes.  If the party is for youngsters, you may want to make sure there is a prize for everyone.

2. Trick-or-treat for a charity

Check out local non-profit organizations in your area and ask if there are any trick-or-treat for charity programs in place. Or organize your own youth group charity event centered around trick-or-treat alternatives.

3. Host a haunted house

Teens and kids of all ages will love setting up their own haunted house. Start early by planning the “rooms” in your haunted house and collecting materials.  Invite your children’s friends to help as actors in the haunted house.  Invite trick-or-treaters to stroll through when they come to your door on Halloween night, and issue invitations for others.

4. Have fun handing out treats

Let them pick out the candy they’ll hand out, dress up in costume and decorate the porch or foyer where they’ll be greeting trick-or-treaters.

5. Have a scary sleepover

For older children and teens, host a pajama party full of thrills and scares. Watch a scary movie, make popcorn and cider, and have lots of candy to make up for what the kids are missing by going trick-or-treating.

Whatever you decide to do in lieu of going trick or treating, make sure it’s fun!

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