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Inspirations For Love & Life w/ Shanda Freeman


Inspirations For Love & Life w/ Shanda Freeman


I grew up with my parents quoting this saying into me and my siblings starting at a very early age. Of course when you’re young you never can fully understand what they mean. You just agree and continue to do what your parents tell you to do. I never realized back then that my parents would be instilling in me a character trait that has never failed me, even to this day! No matter what happens. No matter what circumstance, your “show” still must go on!

Everyday we wake up we consciously or inadvertently make life choices. Be it positive or negative. We are powered by pain, sorrow, anger, resentment and enjoyment. Whatever feeling we experience it guides us in a direction that will either empower us or derail us. The things that derail us can cause us to not move forward and keep us in a place of insecurity and failure. What I would like to share with you and what my parents shared with me is that though life can cause you pain, don’t allow it to hold you back and don’t allow yourself to stay stagnant and harbor in resentment and disappointment. Use these hard times to lift yourself up and dust yourself off and to get back up again! You can always begin again!

Life can be tough, and we’ve all had the experiences of that. But, with Personal Choice you can CHOOSE to go out on that stage and have a hit “SHOW!”


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