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30 Days of Running : Day One “Baby, You’re A Firework”


30 Days of Running : Day One “Baby, You’re A Firework”

My next 30 Day challenge has begun…..and I think I temporarily lost my mind when coming up this one.

“30 Days Of Running”

Yep, everyday for the next 30 Days, I will do some type of fitness activity that involves running. I plan to begin with 5 minutes of running, and by the end of 30 days I want to be able to run a mile without stopping.

The motto was created by my 5 year old niece:
“Run, Run, Run as fast as you Can!”
Which for me means that I will push myself, but I will also go at a speed that is doable for me! No pressure, no feeling of defeat….because I will run as fast as I can….I will do what I can…..and I will succeed!

I don’t know why, but for some reason, I just have the urge to run! In a way, I’m running for my life! I am hoping that by getting active, I will be able to live a long and full-filling life! I also want to inspire other plus-size women to get up and get moving!

Today I ran on a track in my neighborhood, and my family came to support me and run with me.

It was very hard for me, but I felt so encouraged when my 5 year old niece Amirah, and her 3 year old little brother Eric sang “Firework” to me as I ran!!!!!

I wore a cute Marika Miracles “Total Slimming Capri with Tummy Control” and Marika Miracles “Miraculous Uplifting Tank” by Lane Bryant.

I also wore a Enell Sports Bra, and it is by far the BEST sports bra in the world for well endowed women.

And my work-out would not be complete without my Body Media FIT Armband. It is soooooo awesome!

Today I did a 5 minute walking warm-up, then I jogged for 1 minute, walked for 90 secs, and walked again for a minute until I did a total of 5 minutes worth of walking!

I pray that I can continue this challenge for the full 30 Days!

Special Thanks to the following people for sponsoring my “30 Days of Running”


and also the fabulous wig made for me by Hadiiya Barbel made with WAGMAN HAIR! That way I look fab as I run!!!!! (Use Code: ERICA1) to get $12 off your next order of Wagman Hair.

Also, much love to Dana Divine, radio show host on WGCI everyday Sunday morning! She is awesome! Dana is a breast cancer survivor and very inspirational. I ran into her while I was running…and she was working out too! Please visit her page at

~Erica Watson

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