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Turn Your Magic Chamber into Your Boudoir


Turn Your Magic Chamber into Your Boudoir

Think about it ladies: where does all the magic happen? Your fashion magic…in the bedroom. Your romantic magic…in the bedroom. Your magical room of relaxation and peace…the bedroom. So since this room holds so much power and is used for several essential needs for your life, let’s show it some love ladies.

I think by the time you hit your late 20’s/early 30’s, every lady should no longer have a bedroom but a boudoir. Your boudoir should be a sanctuary that encompasses your style and serves as a place to get glammed up for a night out or even primp and dress for everyday events. In order to look your best every day, why not have that special chamber that meets all your styling, dressing, and romantic needs and have it designed to show your femininity and your matureness.  I actually just finished transforming my bedroom from a place where I sleep into a lair where all the glamorous magic happens.

If you wish to style your bedroom into a boudoir and make it suitable for the diva that you are, here are some essentials:

Create a theme

Your boudoir should have a color palette theme. Everything should be consistent from the color theme to the furniture. No mismatch furniture ladies!


This is where most of the glam happens. Vanity sets are perfect for doing make-up and hair. They hold all you necessities for primping and offer a great space to keep everything organized and within reach. Most vanity sets range from $90-$500 (of course the more expensive the vanity, the more grandiose it is) or you can make your own. A vanity is basically a table, stool or chair and mirror. You accessorize it to your liking to hold all your glam tools. This Ikea vanity is perfect, nice price and beautifully designed. If you want to build your own vanity, check out this YouTube video of the essentials needed.

Add some feminine frills to your decor

Include vases of flowers (fake ones are fine but don’t make it look tacky), curtains/valances, lamps with shades to match your decor and a full-length mirror is crucial to make sure you are fab from head to toe. IF your room is big enough consider even adding a chaise with a beautiful throw.

Lock on your door

How can you expect to relax in your special sanctuary if someone is always barging in? Be sure to have a good lock on the door and even consider a “Do Not Disturb” sign for those who may not get the hint merely by a closed door.

Follow these tips and you will have the perfect boudoir for all your styling needs!

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