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Interview With October Cover Model Jennifer Purviance

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Interview With October Cover Model Jennifer Purviance

Having humble beginnings makes you really appreciate the special gifts you receive as you get older and our cover model Jennifer Purviance has received many gifts throughout the past year.  Not the fashionista as a child, Jennifer grew up in the country where fashion magazines were replaced with camping, fishing, bike riding and playing on the playground. However, the days she spent playing dress up with her grandmother prepared her for what was yet to come……being selected a winner of the 2010 Torrid House of Dreams Model Search! Jennifer has been modeling ever since and instead of looking back she’s looking to the future.

How has your life changed after winning the Torrid House of Dreams modeling search?

I am SO busy now! I am having fun. I have incredible things to look forward to and a lot of great new friends. I am not home as often and I’m traveling more! My closet has more clothes in it than it ever has and my confidence level is at a new high.

Was your family supportive of your decision to enter the modeling competition?

Oh yeah! They were all really excited for me, and voted every single day in the contest. Even my distant cousins and aunt’s and uncle’s that I don’t speak to very often joined together to vote and spread the word. My Dad thought it was too good to be true, and constantly told me to be careful and not get too upset if I didn’t win… of course he was shocked when I told him the good news. My Mom wasn’t surprised at all; she just said “I never doubted you at all, I knew you would get it!” That was really sweet to hear.

Did you have any modeling experience before entering the contest?

Absolutely none at all. Unless you would call my Grandma dressing me up and posing me as a toddler for her own amusement “experience.” Hahaha

Other than Torrid, what other companies have you modeled with?

Sealed With A Kiss, Pinup Girl Clothing, Clique to Know, Purple Diva Designs, Military Spouse Magazine, Desert Lifestyle Magazine and the Marine Corps Exchange.

Photo Credit: Swak Designs & Torrid

How is it juggling motherhood, being a wife and modeling?

It keeps me very busy. There is never a dull moment and I am constantly running around. I do what I have to do to keep all 3 thriving. Multitasking is a 24/7 concept for me. While I am away, I keep in touch with Joey and my babysitter just to feel a little closer to them. I sometimes work all day and then commute on a 2-4 hour drive home just to find my family already in bed and then I stay up to pack them lunches for the next day. Even on my days off as a model, I am always working from home on my computer trying to make connections with businesses and professionals for future jobs. I’m on top of my email and facebook. I love looking for hot off the press info on the plus size industry.

Did you want to model as a child?

It was always a wild idea I had tucked in the back of my mind. Kind of like most kids fantasize of being a cowboy, fire fighter, or a singer. I am the kind of person that no matter how crazy my ideas may be, I will make at least one attempt to fulfill them. Putting my entry into the model search was my one and only attempt at becoming a model…and I would have been content  if I never heard back from them, because I could say “at least I tried!”

Would you ever let your daughter model?

Sure! It would actually be really awesome to say she is a 2nd generation model! With that said, I wouldn’t just throw her out there at a young age. I definitely would want to wait until she has a certain level of self confidence with her body and she has established basic morals and values for herself.

How long have you been married and how does your husband feel about it?

I have been married 4 years now; we got married on 7/7/07…seems like a lifetime ago! Joey is supportive of me modeling because he wants me to be happy and see me achieve personal success. At the same time, he has typical man syndrome with a little jealousy and doesn’t always like sharing me with the world. I think that is okay though, since it comes from a loving place and he still supports me no matter what.

Do you ever take time out for yourself?

Of course! I get stressed out pretty easily. I HAVE to take a little quiet time to myself every single day or I am likely to blow up on someone at sometime. If I can take a shower with peace & quiet, I will even pass that off as alone time on a bad day.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not taking care of home or modeling?

To be honest, I love to sleep! It puts me in a better mood and is probably the hobby that I am best at! Besides that, I really love to play outside with my dog, golf, hang out at the beach, shop, or practice shooting at the range.

How much work does it take to be a model?

It takes a lot of dedication. My body is my trade, so keeping up with a routine and maintaining my look takes a daily effort. I am always practicing poses in the mirror, and standing in heels for 8 hours is really painful. I have had my toes go numb on me for 3 days before! Specifically modeling for plus size means I gotta be aware of how my curves look on camera and the best angles for being pear shaped. Not only that but I need to know what looks bad too so I can pull off a successful shoot giving the client what they want. The cherry on the top is the ability to put your mind into the vibe for the shoot so your facials and body language don’t come off as cheesy and fake. It is definitely harder than I ever thought it was. I came into this a year ago thinking it was all fun and games… boy was I wrong!

How do you stay focused?

I keep the July issue of Vogue Italia on my night stand. The one with the beautiful curvy cover models Robyn Lawley, Candice Huffine, and Tara Lynn. It is my inspiration and I see it every single day. It reminds me to dream big and that there are endless opportunities out there.

What advice can you give other women entering modeling contests?

Be the unique you that God made you to be and have a beautiful infectious personality to go with it! Model searches are meant to find REAL girls, so be real. If you are going to a contest in person or just taking submission snap shots, wear black pumps, skinny jeans, and a simple black tank top (unless they request you wear something specific). Don’t overdo your make up and play up your natural beauty. Practice your poses and your runway walk before hand too!

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