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Flip Me: The Future of Confident Flirting


Flip Me: The Future of Confident Flirting

Attraction, Action, Connection

Have you ever seen a guy across the room and wanted to approach him but didn’t want to come off too forward? Flip Me cards empower women to take charge by confidently going after what they want and turn attraction into action.

FlipMe is simply a better way to meet in the modern world.

Whether you’re using the Flip Me cards in person or sending Flip Me messages online, it’s breaking the ice made easy. You take charge of your dating life by giving your sassy, flirtatious side the perfect sidekick.

For $25, you get 30 cards and a 3 month subscription to the website. The cards are broken up into 3 categories Sassy, Sweet and Sexy.

The Sassy cards is where you say what you wish you could.  The Sweet cards are sugar and spice and everything nice and your Sexy cards allow you to unleash your inner tiger.

Inspired by the unconventional way in which she met her husband, FlipMe was founded by Rachel DeAlto in 2010.

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