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Reconnect With Friends Over Dove Chocolate


Reconnect With Friends Over Dove Chocolate

We all could use a day to hang with the girls, relax and let our hair down. Today, DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES, declared Thursday, September 22, 2011, National “Girls Night In,” to encourage girlfriends from coast-to-coast to reconnect over good food and lots of fun.

For those groups of gals looking for a good excuse to get-together and indulge in chocolate, the DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES team has compiled their top tips for maximizing any “girls night in” occasion:

Get Together. Invite friends that you know will be lively and fun at a party, but also invite those who might need a night of friendship even more. Try to mix old and new friends, so different people can get to know each other.

Make it Delicious. It’s always fun to try out new recipes to share with friends– especially if they’re easy-to-prepare and easy-to-eat foods. For simple yet delectable fare, try DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES® recipes for Gingerbread Cupcakes with Coconut Pecan Frosting, Easy S’mores Squares or their new ready-to-eat Choco-Carmel Crunch – the delish alternative to popcorn!

Treat Each Other. Send your gal pals home with some fabulous swag – right from their friends’ closets! Prior to the party, ask guests to peek inside their closets and bring any fabulous accessories, shoes, handbags or clothing they no longer wear. Showcase the items at the party and let your guests treat themselves to a new wardrobe courtesy of their friends!

Drink up the Fun. Craft your favorite cocktail – or “mocktail” – to share or learn to make a signature drink from DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES® line of brilliant beverages including a chocolate martini, peanut butter chocolate chip smoothie, white chocolate raspberry daiquiri or new white chocolate pear flavored cider.

Hire a Pro. Any “girls night in” can be fun and educational. Find a local artist or craftswoman to teach you a new skill or invite a speaker to come and discuss a relevant topic among your friends.

Don’t Forget Brunch. If people stay the night, plan for a simple breakfast in the morning such as DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES® new Saigon Swirl Cinnamon Rolls. This one-pan breakfast delight makes clean up easy for you and is a thoughtful way to conclude the festivities!

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