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Bootiful Boots In Styles You’ll Fall Head Over Heels For!

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Bootiful Boots In Styles You’ll Fall Head Over Heels For!

Crisp fall days with frigid temperatures are just around the proverbial bend. That’s the true barometer of weather change, when the wardrobe morphs from cottons to wools and other heavier fabrics and sandals give way to tights and boots.

Luckily this year, I’ve discovered a new brand of footwear that will allow me to strut my stuff in style and not sacrifice the necessity of comfort without having to do my usual “strategizing of shoes” (bringing a pair of obligatory comfortable flats in my tote bag that never seem to complement the outfit overall). But, oh joy, oh bliss! I have discovered a boot that truly is made for walking. And I ride my bike around town as my preferred mode of transportation which means that I need to be able to hop on and off without teetering on a heel that knocks me off my pins and sends me splaying into the busy, oncoming traffic.

If you caught my column in the spring called Healthy Heels, I revealed my discovery of a company called Earthies. And as it turned out, it was a reinvention of a company I had known about for years but hadn’t worn because of their singular platypus shaped clog in the 70s. I was a platform and bell bottom gal in those days and felt that looking like a BohemianWoodstock hippie didn’t fit in with my Twiggy meets Bianca Jagger style. I have changed and so has the Earth shoe. Earthies has hired a new design team, revamped the entire look of the line and done a complete facelift for the brand. I’m sold because they realize the baby boomers remember the name and the comfort, but may want something that doesn’t look like so casual. Leave that to the Crocs!! This is footwear with a slight sole incline that re-positions the wearer’s body more naturally over the body stance.

Fast forward to my newly embraced lifestyle of exercise and vegan fare in the last ten years – a result of my work with diabetes and insulin resistance and my realization that you truly are what you eat. The whole-body wellness experience is something that has become a trend in my life and I am looking for ways to incorporate simplicity, sustainability, comfort, consciousness, and wellness in every facet of my life. Years of modeling and dance and a family history of bunions and hammer toes have left my feet ravaged. And, sorry, I am a chicken about foot surgery, so I have no option at the present time but to look for the most comfortable footwear that somehow doesn’t compromise on style and gives me the most fashion that I can find. Earthies is truly a godsend for me. Amassing all their 40 something years of good-for-the-body know-how, the Earth, Inc. product development team has developed Earthies®, an eye-popping, fashion-forward line of women’s dress, boots and casual styles. From its’ original roots in wellness, Earth, Inc. unveils the Earthies collection for fall in boots and shoes that again are the true embodiment of Wellness…Elevated.

If you discovered the spring line, you know what I am talking about. They also come in sizes all the way up to 12, which is amazing and wonderful and with their less than severely pointed toe box, their width is ample for even my wide width foot.

I can’t wait to wear the Montera in Deep Red with a long skirt or a jean.

I love the look of Lintz in suede with its side buckle and edgey platform. Sure to update any suiting look or wrap dress.

And the Minsk with its over the knee drama, it’s a must-have with shorts or short skit and opague tights which is a style that we all love and never seems to go away.

The Fabienne is rough hewn and ruched and the more worn the boot gets, the better it will look and feel.

If you want a shoe boot or a shoe, there are other styles to choose from that are equally amazing and gratifying in their gifted design and welcome comfort without skimping on style in the least. Earthies boots and shoes are my true new addiction and we need to buy at last one pair each to support them in their efforts to launch a line that gives us what we as full-figured fashionistas who have been complaining to each other (I hear all of you in my travels) telling each other that we are so desperate to find something wearable and cool. This is it ladies!!

There are stores (the ones that mostly feature comfortable shoes are your best bet) which carry these amazing shoes and boots as well as online at

And as a promotional tie in with this article, Earthies is sponsoring a contest to win a pair of these boots. Click HERE For More Information.

Good Luck Ladies!!

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