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Everyday DIVA: Jaclyn Walker of Washington, DC


Everyday DIVA: Jaclyn Walker of Washington, DC

Meet Jaclyn Walker, a 29 year old multi-cultural female that is currently a Program Coordinator for Evaluations for students with special needs for the District of Columbia Public Schools.

What Makes Jaclyn a DIVA:

“(D-Doctor I-Inventing V-Valuable A-Achievements) My acronym of DIVA describes what makes me one. In order to be a DIVA, you have to live a lifestyle that is beneficial to yourself and others. A real DIVA exudes confidence and when she walks into any room, then it is known that a DIVA is now present. A DIVA is not about materialism or beauty, it is all about how you treat yourself and most importantly others. God created me to be DIVA to execute his divine will and purpose, therefore I must fulfill the journey for him.”

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