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The Message: Be Happy With Yourself Now


The Message: Be Happy With Yourself Now

The label you should be wearing is confidence.

How to do you get confidence? Well for starters it comes by treating your mind body and soul right and training your mind to get rid of ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts). I recently gained some weight and though I am happy with myself, I know that I would be happier and healthier by changing some of my poor eating habits which got me thinking about today’s message.

If losing weight is something that you feel will help your confidence then work hard at it; but really address the underlying issues first. It could be that you are insecure with other things about yourself such as making friends, public speaking, etc. Address what those things are. There is nothing wrong with improving the quality of your life but it does start at home.

Write a plan & step outside of your box. You have to focus on you with self-reflection and you must commit to making small changes in order to stay consistent with your plan. Never change yourself to gain popularity or “friends” and stay true to what you believe in. Acquaintances come and go but real friends have a stronger connection with you based on who you are and not what you look like or can offer them.

Be selective about who you choose to spend your time with. Choose to surround yourself with people that have positive energy. These people usually have a positive outlook on life and love to make others happy. I am sure that many of you have heard that old saying “bad company corrupts good behavior”, not only is this a saying that many of our parents have taught us but it is true. If you are constantly around someone who is on the road to self-destruction whether in their attitude or behavior to themselves or others, it can rub off. Start spending less time with negative people. You can be a better friend to others once you have taken care of your needs first.

Ladies remember to be happy with yourself now. I know there are tons of stories out there about how different people who lost weight started to gain confidence & “live their lives to the fullest” and so on and so forth but you don’t have to wait to lose weight to do those things. While it is very important to monitor our weight to remain healthy, let’s also learn to be happy with ourselves now. Life is too short to spend time wishing and hoping. If you want something, work hard and get it divas and don’t forget to have fun while doing it. Whatever outfit you put on today, make sure your label reads CONFIDENCE!
Peace & Love, Limarie

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