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Re-organizing Your Closet for the Fall

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Re-organizing Your Closet for the Fall

As we transition from the sizzling hot & humid days of summer into the cooler days of fall we realize the need to reorganize our closets. One big complaint that many of us have is that there is not enough room to neatly store away our clothing. Below are a few tips to help get you organized for the fall.

  • Start off with a clean canvas – Gut out your closet and separate your clothes into piles based on color, style, sets or however you feel most comfortable grouping them. Start weeding out summer items that you know you won’t be wearing in the fall. Because many summer items, maxi dresses, sleeveless tanks & even shorts can be streamlined easily into fall attire by adding a cardigan or tights , some of you will really have to decide whether or not to keep certain items in your closet. Make realistic choices; remember that you want to de-clutter.
  • Take Inventory of your wardrobe – Ask yourself if that shirt still fits or if you are really ever planning to wear that dress. Chances are if you have not worn it in over a year, then you probably won’t be wearing it again. If these items are still in good condition donate them and if not throw them out immediately.
  • Shelves vs. hangers – To keep things looking really neat and organized observe your closet space and figure out if hangers or shelves work better for you and go shopping for what works. There are many inexpensive closet solutions available so don’t hesitate to check some of these out online.
  • Get the right hangers – There are so many different types, the best ones are the ones that have more than one use. Hangers with additional hooks or clips aid in decreasing closet bulkiness.
  • Easy & Inexpensive Storage – For seasonal items that you don’t have space for, clear storage bins are excellent because most are stackable and you can easily see what’s inside to take the guesswork out of what your stored, of course you could always label them if you want. Vaccum sealed bags are also another great option that you could use to store your fall clothes neatly. Stack these at the top or bottom of your closet or store away in your basement or wherever you can.
  • Shoe storage – Many of us divas are shoe lovers so I am sure finding space for your shoes could be intense. Start weeding out the sandals that you haven’t been wearing and pulling out the the open toe shoes, flats and booties. If all your shoes are stored together, then just move the summer shoes back and bring the fall shoes up so that they are easier to see and reach for. If you can’t see them, then you might forget that you have them. Over the door shoe storage, expandable racks and clear shoe bins help to keep shoes neatly organized.

Hoping these tips help! The important key is to really get rid of what you don’t wear and start including fall fashions such as cardigans, wraps, hoodies, jeans, pants etc. Make sure that the items you place back in your closet fit properly, are in good condition and are hung in an organized way shirts with shirts, pants with pants etc. Keep everything looking good by keeping all your clothes hung on similar hangers. If you own a lot of denim, fold them into neat stacks and separate on a shelf. There are tons of storage solutions and creative ideas online to try so why not start fresh and get your closet diva ready for the Fall.

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