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September Cover Model: Who Is Kori Spencer?

Cover Models

September Cover Model: Who Is Kori Spencer?

Photographer:Nicole McDonald of Luminescent Photography

Makeup: Asha Teeter of Rosy Cheeks

Our September 2011 cover model Kori Spencer is the epitome of a true student.  With a humble spirit and can do attitude, Kori took a leap of faith and entered her very first model search giving her an opportunity to travel to New York, build friendships and relationships that would eventually allow her to align herself with the right people.  To think, her journey began because of a dream her mother had for her.  

As we pay tribute to plus size fashion this month, it’s only fitting that we feature this beautiful mother and friend.  In a daring attempt to re-create a signature look,  Kori and her close friends (Nicole of Luminescent photography and Asha of Rosy Cheeks) put their own spin on the infamous look that 60’s model Twiggy became known for.  While the original can never be duplicated, it’s refreshing to see a plus size beauty interpret it in her own way.

You were the winner of the Evie Foster model search in June, tell me about that experience?

Being a part of the Evie Foster Model Search was such a great experience! To actually win it was even more amazing! I never thought I would win the contest being that it was the first real model search I had entered. Evie Foster is an amazing woman and such an inspiration. Since winning the contest her and I have become really close and will continue to stay close and do a lot of different projects together.

Since it was the first model search that you ever entered, what prompted you to give it a try?

I received a lot of encouragement from family and friends to enter it. Months prior to the contest I put together a team which included my friend and photographer Nicole of Luminescent Photography and my cousin Asha of Rosy Cheeks who is my assistant and makeup artist.

The three of us decided to start a new journey together. For me, I would be learning and pursuing my modeling career. Nicole would be practicing her photography skills and Asha would be mastering her makeup artistry skills.

Together we make a great team and have made great progress. So when the opportunity came to enter Evie Foster’s model search it was the opportunity we had been practicing and waiting for. So we decided as a team to enter it and here we are today. It’s an amazing accomplishment for all of us. We are so proud of one another.

Before entering the model search, what steps had you taken to follow your dreams as a model?

I was doing photo shoots with my team every two weeks. We would come up with concepts and ideas and then go shoot. We would have regular meetings to talk and discuss what each of us needed and wanted. Then we would put everything into place. We have so much fun. We said as long as we are having fun and learning something new about our crafts, we would continue to work on it.  We are still working together and keep getting better and better.

The Inspiration

What prompted you to do a Twiggy inspired photo?

Asha (makeup artist) was really inspired by the makeup and the technique in the photo and Nicole (photographer) loves the shape of my face and was really inspired by my short hair. Nicole sent me a photo one day and asked “Can you do this?” I replied “What an honor, Twiggy!”   She let me know that I could do anything and the result was that photo.  Nicole also draws so she sent me a photo that she drew of her interpretation of the photo before we even shot it and I fell in love with it. We also did some Beatnik inspired photos that day.

That’s wonderful! It’s important to have support from friends.  What type of support have you received from your family?

I didn’t realize being a Plus Model was my dream until after the birth of my daughter in September 2007 and the the passing of my mother in December 2008.

I realized that I was capable of so much more than what I was doing. My mother Harriet White was always a big supporter of me. She always wanted the best for me and always said that I could model and thought I was so beautiful. Me being the “tomboy” that I was growing up, didn’t even want to hear all of the “model talk”. I would always say… “Yeah, right mom, you’re just saying that because I am your daughter”.

She always believed that I would do it even though I didn’t see it back then. She saw it and she was right. Aside from being a Plus Model I really wanted to be a great role model for my daughter Avah and all girls in the world. I wanted my daughter to see me following my dreams and goals and know that it’s never too late to go and get what you want in this world.  I want her to be proud of her mom and I want to pass on the same great feelings of love and support that my mother gave to me.

What sacrifices have you made to follow your dreams?

Time has been the biggest sacrifice for me. Trying to balance my every day life with my model life was really challenging at first. I haven’t mastered it yet but I am getting better at balancing my time. I do work a full time job Monday through Friday and it can get a little crazy trying to make it all work.

I’ve missed special events at my daughters school  as well as family functions but the great thing about my family is that they all support what I am doing and are so proud of me that it makes it all worth it. It makes me want to succeed in this industry even more then when I first started.

What is the best advice that you’ve ever received?

I’m not sure if this is really advice… but what I learned from my mother and family is that family is so important. Without the love and support from them I wouldn’t be sitting here doing this interview with you. I wouldn’t have entered the Evie Foster model search and I probably wouldn’t have started modeling without encouragement from them.

Also, to stay true to yourself. Being me is what got me where I am today and I wouldn’t want to be or change anything about me. I think a lot of people get so caught up on trying to impress others and do what others want them to do and that’s not how life should be lived. Be true to yourself and you can do anything.

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