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Happy Birthday DVD: Revisiting The Past For A Fashionable Future


Happy Birthday DVD: Revisiting The Past For A Fashionable Future

Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.

~Mary Tyler Moore

August 2009, The 1st Daily Venus Diva Cover

2 years ago when I took over as Editor-In-Chief of the newly modeled Daily Venus, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I dabbled in journalism and wrote poetry while in school, but I never thought I would be the Editor of an online magazine.

My love for writing never left me but it wasn’t my love of writing that brought me to DVD, it was my business. I had just opened an online boutique for plus size women and wanted to get the word out about my business so I agreed to contribute to what was then Venus Diva Magazine in exchange for free advertising.

Although it was a business agreement, I took my writing very seriously and studied the industry of journalism as if I were a student pursuing a degree in it. In 2008, I started out as a contributor and before I knew it, I became the Lifestyle Editor and then Entertainment Editor for Venus Diva Magazine.  I loved what I did and had no plans on stopping anytime soon.

Due to the change in technology and the way people interacted over the web, the decision was made to turn Venus Diva Magazine into  When I was approached by our wonderful Publisher/Creative Director Valery Amador to assume the role of E.I.C. of the newly remodeled DVD, I was ready to step up and show what I could do. Just like a student, I went back to studying but this time the stakes were higher.

I wasn’t just the Editor of a section.  Valery (whom I had never met before at that point) entrusted me to take the legacy that she created with Venus Diva Mag (a monthly mag) and turn it into a daily magazine. The most difficult part of this was staying true to the vision that Valery had when she started her journey in 1998 and creating something new and fresh that would appeal to plus size women simultaneously.

Since assuming the role of E.I.C. I’ve made many mistakes.  No one is perfect and this has definitely been a learning experience for me.  Like anyone doing something that they love, I question myself and I wonder if we are making a difference. Then I receive an e-mail from readers like Mo Handahu of Clutch Culture letting me know how much she appreciates what we do.

Instead of just responding to Mo with a simple thank you, I decided to feature her and her business this month and give her a chance to shine the way Valery gave me a chance. To her DVD is an inspiration but her letter inspired me and that’s what we’re all about at Daily Venus Diva……Inspiring one another, learning from our past and living in the present.

Inspiration is what keeps our cover model Kori Spencer thriving. Whether it’s her family encouraging her to enter model searches or her best friends convincing her to re-create history, Kori’s dreams are fueled by the support of others making her an inspiration to those around her.

Although September is dedicated to fall fashion, it’s also about embracing and remembering our past as we head into the future. Fashion revisits the past quite often, so why can’t we?

My journey as E.I.C. may have started 2 years ago but I am forever a student. I often take a peak into the archives of Venus Diva Magazine  and Amaze Magazine to  pull inspiration from the past issues so I can create a legacy for the future.

Now that’s what I call fashionable!

Keep Thriving in your Fashion Forward Curves,

Stephanie Penn-Danforth & the Team

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