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6 Reasons To Give Pura Stainless Steel Bottles A Try

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6 Reasons To Give Pura Stainless Steel Bottles A Try

Pura Stainless was created with a simple vision – to make a difference by responsibly manufacturing toxin-free, durable, and cost effective alternatives to bottled water and the petroleum-based (ie plastic) reusable bottles and food storage containers.

Their infant, toddler, and adult product lines are not only the safest in the world but they have won an array of global awards and accolades. If you’re still not convinced, we’ve outlined 6 reasons why you should give these bottles a try.

  1. Pura Stainless Steel is the only 100% plastic free bottles for babies and toddlers.
  2. The feeding system grows with a child – turning from a bottle with slow-flow silicone nipple to a medium-flow bottle and then ultimately a sippy bottle with sip spout!
  3. Pura’s beautiful bottles are available in an array of colors including grape, spring green, pretty pink, aqua blue and natural stainless steel for a modern sleek look.
  4. All bottles are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. Your Pura bottle will stay with you for many years.
  5. The wide -mouth top makes it easy to clean, fill with ice or gulp down your drink
  6. You’re saving the earth!
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