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Are You An “Alpha Bitch”?


Are You An “Alpha Bitch”?

Upon reading the title Taming Your Alpha Bitch, I couldn’t stop laughing. The first thing I thought was…am I  an “Alpha Bitch”?

Described as a woman who has taken more of a male approach to working and becoming successful. Apparently an “Alpha Bitch” is a woman who has broken through the glass ceiling to become influential leaders, respected entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I’m a business owner, does that make me an “Alpha Bitch”?

In the new book Taming Your Alpha Bitch: How to be Fierce and Feminine (and Get Everything You Want!) due out January 31, 2012, authors Christy Whitman and Rebecca Grado offer up a modern strategy and tactics for women who have failed in their quest to claim power through a forceful “take no prisoners” approach. The book outlines five types of Alpha Bitches:

The Forceful Alpha rules with an iron fist and has a take-no-prisoners approach to life and love.

The Controlling Alpha is relentlessly outspoken, arguing for her position until those around her cave in to her demands.

The Competitive Alpha goes into overdrive when she hears about the accomplishments or acquisitions of another and constantly looks over her shoulder to see who is doing what — and who might be poised to outdo her in some way.

The Disruptive Alpha suffers from a near constant need for attention that drives her to do almost anything to secure her share of the spotlight and claim her rightful place at center stage.

The Lack Alpha spends much of her time in a state of scarcity, fear and panic, which causes her to always look for what is wrong and imagine the worst is about to happen.

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