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Empowering The Masses One Person At A Time


Empowering The Masses One Person At A Time

It is your legal right, your legal duty to be empowered and to empower others.  When you look up the definition of empower here is what you will find:

  1. to give power  or authority to; authorize, especially by legal or official means
  2. to enable or permit

Each of us has a story to share, a lesson to teach and a message to preach and by sharing ourselves with our fellow woman or man, we are helping them as well as helping ourselves.  One of  my favorite songs by soul artist India Arie is called Better People.  In the song she speaks of the importance of younger people speaking to older people and everything that youngsters can learn from them but she surprises her audience and speaks of the many things that younger people can teach older people as well.

This song is a testament to the fact that life’s golden lessons may come from those you least expect them to come from so as we walk the path that has been planned out for us, it’s important that we listen with our ears and take heed to what the person walking across the street has to say.  Just because a person walks across the street or has a different strut, that does not make their journey less important and you never know what type of affect they may have on someone or even you for that matter.

This month, the readers of will be empowered by the voices and stories of our featured women.  Features this month include: 

Many of us are aware of many achievements of our August cover model Rosie Mercado but in this two-part article, The Talented Ms. Rosie Mercado, we take a deeper look into the life of this woman who makes it her goal to touch the lives of the people she interacts with.

Carrie Certa, writer, producer and lead of A Day In the Life Plan Jen,  is this month’s super hero as she no only stars in a film that goes against everything that Hollywood stands.  In Carrie Certa Saves The Day as “Plain Jen”, read how Carrie is doing things her way and on her terms and showing women they too can save the day.

Our Next feature for the month is an exclusive interview with Models of Diversity.  While everyone’s goal is not to be a model, there is something to learn from an organization that is on the front line of the fight for equality in the modeling industry.  As M.O.D. continues to recognize the beauty in all women, we recognize them for using their voice to empower women and men all over the world.

I would also like to take this time to officially announce the following celebrity columnists to our team.  Join me in welcoming Catherine Schuller and Shanda Freeman to the DVD family.  You can find inspiring gems of wisdom and insight in our Blogs section.

This issue has been brought to you by the International Fuller Woman Expo which takes place on September 10, 2011 in Detroit, MI at the Detroit Historical Museum.

In closing, to truly touch the lives of others you must look within and to look within takes power and honesty.

Stay True To Your Authentic Self,
Stephanie Danforth & the Team

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