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Worth The Weight: Would You Lose Weight For “Love”?


Worth The Weight: Would You Lose Weight For “Love”?

I can’t lie….I am given pause when I see the HOT NOW sign at Krispy Kreme.

God forbid you live somewhere that only has Dunkin Donuts. I used to live near the world famous Krispy Kreme on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta and it just so happened that EVERYTIME I passed by, that sign would be lit and calling out to me.

The point of that story is, if a man said, “Zette, I want you to give up Krispy Kreme for me!” I’d politely tell him, ” Kiss my butt. You’ll have to love me with or without glaze crust around my mouth.”

An acquaintance and I were talking about her fiancé and joking about the stereotype that African men like their women with meat on their bones. I was giggling until I noticed that she had this somber look on her face. “That’s not always true,” she quietly remarked.

I asked her if he had an issue with the fact that she was full figured. She gave me this sad look and replied, “He told me that he’s marrying me because of who I am on the inside and not because of what I look like. When we met I was smaller and although he’s dealt with my weight gain and wants me to be happy, he’d still like for me to lose some weight.”

I sat there perplexed. Before I could process what she’d just said, she concluded her story with, “I know I have to lose some weight to keep my man girl.”

This beautiful and talented woman was not saying this to me…I couldn’t believe it.

I don’t want to start talking in clichés, but the greatest love by far will always be self-love. I couldn’t wake every morning worried about if my man has an issue with how much I weighed. I’d rather worry about if my breath was fresh enough for some morning sugar; you know something that makes clear and perfect sense.

Ladies, would you lose weight for your guy?

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