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Ten Commandments of Plus-Size Fashion


Ten Commandments of Plus-Size Fashion

Rule #3

1. Thou shall be fitted for the correct bra size. I know that most plus-sized divas like to show the girls, so let’s put on a good show!

2. When wearing leggings, thou shall wear a top that covers thy booty. A long, flowy tunic would be ideal.

3. Thou shall know what type of Spanx to wear. It’s no longer a question of whether or not to wear Spanx but what kind to wear. If you are wearing a dress/skirt that’s on the shorter side, you should wear Spanx underwear or boyshorts, not the knee length shorts. Don’t wanna go sharing all your secrets!

4. Thou shall have signature pieces in wardrobe. Every diva should possess a couple of signature pieces that are made of quality fabric, encompass your style, and compliment your figure to a “T”!

5. Thou shall know your best asset and fluant it! Take advantage of your lenghthy legs, bangin booty, terrific twins, or that sensational smile!

6. Thou shall be aware of your size. As plus sized ladies, we know that it may not be wise to wear midriff baring tops, mini skirts, or short shorts. HOWEVER, we are still capable of dressing sexy (see How to Show Skin Like a True Diva). In accordance to my mantra, “No one knows when you have gone up a size in your clothing, but everyone knows when you need to.” Know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Which brings me to my next commandment…

7. Thou shall be a good friend! Ok, I’m going to keep it real ladies. Sometimes I see ladies who need to show their friends some tough love and tell them to go back to their closet and try again. You are not a true freind if you know your girlfriend is walking out the house in a less than flattering outfit. Let’s help each other out and always look like a fashionista!

8. Thou shall not compare yourself to thinner ladies! Ok, you’re thick, she’s not. Let’s get over that and continue being fabulous. I know that sometimes it comes as a second nature for women to compare yourself to others but comparing yourself doesn’t help anyone. Comparing yourself to others, NO. Comparing the cutest outfits, YES. You are the way you are until you may decide to change it, until then, embrace your body and let nothing deter you from doing so.

9. Thou shall always push the envelope of fashion. Being stuck in the norm is nothing new and exciting. I believe divas should be aware of the latest trends and fashions and know how to make it their own. Never be a carbon copy of someone else’s style.

10. Thou shall know how to accessorize. Accessories can really make or break an outfit. If wearing a bold signature piece, all other jewelry should be minimal if not non-existent. Be sure it compliments your outfit and doesn’t stand out too much. Also, please don’t go overboard with too many of one kind of accessory i.e. no rings on every finger, earrings going all the way up your ear, several necklaces, however, multiple bangles are ok. When in doubt, do as the glamorous Coco Chanel and remove the last accessory you put on.

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