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Essence Music Festival With PLUS Model Radio Host, Chenese Lewis


Essence Music Festival With PLUS Model Radio Host, Chenese Lewis

Essence Music Festival is an annual music festival celebrating contemporary African American music and culture. It is the largest event celebrating African American culture and music in the United States. Since 1995, Essence Magazine has sponsored this highly anticipated event.  This year’s event takes place in New Orleans, LA from July 1st to July 3rd.  Chenese Lewis and PLUS Model Radio will be there for a second year in a row to cover the event from a plus size point of view.

Here are some great tips from Chenese Lewis for plus size women heading to this year’s Essence Music Festival.

What should plus size women heading to the EMF  wear if she wants to be comfortable & fashionable at the same time?

It is going to be HOT! The weather will stay in the 90’s over the course of the weekend, and the Southern humidity makes the heat feel even worse, you WILL sweat. Fortunately all of the festival’s activities are indoors, either in the Superdome or the Convention Center, so you won’t have to stand in the sun. However since everything is centrally located most people walk everywhere, so definitely dress cool. There are usually lots of tanks, tube tops, halter tops, shorts, capris, and maxi dresses. And don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes!

What and who can people attending for the first time expect to see?

You can expect to see tons of people everywhere; the entire city will literally be full of people attending the Essence Music Festival. Every hotel in New Orleans and the surrounding areas are full! In addition to the official events, there will be all types of parties, promotions, and events going on in the city. The town will be full of celebrities, and all sort of exciting activities, expect to have lots of fun and meet lots of exciting new people.

Who will you be interviewing and will you be asking those juicy questions?

Celebrity publicists are reaching out to me (and probably other stations in radio row as well) requesting interviews for their clients, but honestly I won’t have a final list until after the weekend is over. Lots of celebrities will pop up unexpectedly, people run late, people don’t show up! It’s hectic, you just got to go with the flow! I will be tweeting live during the entire weekend, so you can follow me on Twitter @cheneselewis to get the real time updates of what I’m doing and who I’m interviewing.

What sets Plus Model Radio apart from other radio shows attending EMF?

What sets PLUS Model Radio apart from others is that it is the only podcast (internet radio) officially covering the event from Essence Music Festival’s Radio Row. It is also the only niche radio show that caters to a particular type of people (plus size women) because the others are mostly music oriented. However since 40 million women in the United States wear a size 14+ and I can be heard around the world by anyone with internet access, my platform is just as powerful as the others. I’m so honored to be representing the plus size community at such a large and prestigious event!

Here are photos from last years event:

Chenese Lewis and Sherri Shepherd

Chenese Lewis interviewing gospel group Mary Mary

Chenese Lewis and Gladys Knight


Visit Chenese on-line at and look for an upcoming episode of PLUS Model Radio from the Essence Music Festival.

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