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Sexy Saturday: Tips For Feeling Sexy With Curves


Sexy Saturday: Tips For Feeling Sexy With Curves

Some women believe that just because they are a plus size that they can not dress sexy. This simply is not true. A woman can be sexy at any size. Unfortunately, she can also look like a tramp at any size as well. There is a fine line between the classic sexy look and the slutty, trampish look. However, that fine line is quite clear and the rules are rather simple.

Wondering how you can dress sexy? You don’t have to look like the movie stars or have a “perfect body” to be sexy. An attitude and a certain confidence about you is sexy. It’s in the way women walks, talks and handles herself every day. Less is more when it comes to showing off skin. We have some tips here that will guide you on becoming and feeling sexier.

Feeling sexy is the key to looking sexy, which is simple but true. Confident women give off a sexy aura. Always search for clothes that make you feel sexy, as attitude is half the battle. Unexpected accents of lace in the folds of an A-line dress or at the neckline of a nice shirt are classy and sexy. Lacy sleeves also offer glimpses of skin without being overdone. Add the lace to something that is very well fitted, exude confidence, and you will look stunningly sexy without ever being even slightly trashy.

Multiple shades and colors can be sexy. Deviate from traditional black and you will discover a world of equally sexy hues to be discovered. Taupes, rose pink, blues, rich, and pastel colors can all be sexy when worn in the appropriate way. Beading or embroidery can also enhance a garment and add style to it.

Show a little skin, but don’t give it all away. A short skirt can be nice to show a little leg, but you don’t want to go too short or you begin to venture into the slutty area. A hem that touches your fingertips when you hold your hands down by your sides is a nice, safe length. You can also try a nice strappy dress. Sleeveless, tank or straps, it’s your choice. If you are not comfortable with baring your upper arms, a pretty, sheer shrug or shawl can cover that area nicely. Get the fit that fits you. Tight does not equal sexy. You want clothes that fit and flatter, not clothing that clings to your body, accenting every bulge and bump. Fit is very important and you don’t have to don a pair of skintight jeans or a skirt that is so tight you can barely breathe. Go for a good fit and a classically sexy look.

The right shoe can add WOW to an outfit. Even wide width shoes can look great with a sexy outfit – if they are the right shoes. A little heel is often considered sexy, but that is not a hard, fast rule. A dressy pair of shoes for a dressy dress or some pretty, beaded sandals for a sexy summer dress can give you the classic sexy look you want.

What’s your favorite “SEXY” tip?

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