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My New York Minute at Full Figured Fashion Week … part one


My New York Minute at Full Figured Fashion Week … part one

My stay in New York really felt like a New York minute.. Everything went by so fast. I recently had surgery and was under strict orders (from my Z-Twinn Stephanie ,my husband and doctor) to take it easy. I was determined to go. This event was going to be big for me, for all of us! Daily Venus Diva was honored as Lifestyle Magazine of the Year! I couldn’t miss this..

We hitched a ride from the airport on  a charter bus going our way to the hotel. On the way there we rode by the offices of Conde’ Nast, publisher of such esteemed magazines as Vogue, Glamour, GQ and Vanity Fair.

Stephanie and I began to salivate.  It would be incredible to walk into the offices at Daily Venus Diva in the Conde’ Nast building.  Someday….

We checked in at the Hotel Pennsylvania on 7th and Broadway,  it is our hang out while in NYC. It had it’s usual charm. New to our experience was the bathroom that came alive,  literally.  As we unpacked, the toilet all of a sudden started to shoot water straight in the air! Had it not been for the lid being closed water would have been everywhere! We thought perhaps it was a fluke and continued to unpack. When it happened again, we had enough.  We called the front desk and they quickly moved us to a room twice the size of the room we had!!  We were so excited,especially since  we were expecting Alisha, Stephanie’s sister-in-law, to join us.

We awoke the next morning to get ready for the Curves in the City Shopping  Event in our hotel. I met some incredible vendors and connected to some familiar faces.(details of this event will be coming soon.)

Next on the agenda was the Sunset “White on White Cruise” on the Harbor Lights Yacht. To see so many beautiful curves in white was something to behold.  Stephanie and I instantly hit the dance floor with a ballroom hustle, Detroit style. The floor shortly became packed full of people! The buffet was so good and the conversation was even better. It was the most fun I have ever had on a cruise.  Special thanks to Ear Candy Accessories for the fabulous earrings!!

Founder & Executive Producer of FFF Week, Gwen DeVoe & myself

Sore and still full of excitement, we got ready for the next days festivities.  Stephanie was speaking at the Young, Fabulous and Empowered Seminar hosted by Shanda Freeman. I knew that she would be an excellent fit on the panel. Her passion for assisting young girls is incredible. I was so proud of her. It was a closed panel discussion so I wasn’t able to attend. I hear that all the young ladies were completely engaged in conversation. I knew they had a great time!

Next recap of the Full, Figured and Fabulous Model Competition and The Pulse of the Plus Community Panel Discussion

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