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You’ve Got The Ring….Now What?


You’ve Got The Ring….Now What?

Congratulations, you’re engaged! He spent months trying to find the right ring, pick the moment when you would least suspect anything, he may have even tried to throw you off by telling you “I’m not ready to get married” or “we’re cool hanging out like this”. Then one day it all changed. It was memorable; he was romantic, and totally unexpected; you were emotional, but most of all it was a life changing moment that neither of you will never forget.

The rush of the moment and the excitement to plan your forth coming wedding may be a bit overwhelming and leave you asking yourself and each other, ‘what do we do first?’ Take a moment to enjoy what has just happened first, as it is the prelude to all that will come in the near future and bring you to your wedding day.

Before you start calling any vendors or venues you need to have a plan. “Well isn’t that part of planning a wedding?” you may ask. Actually it is not. Your engagement is the vehicle that will take you to your destination: your wedding day. This is a new destination, even for those who are getting married again; and so as with all trips you need to have a map, or for the digital age, a GPS to help you avoid as many roadblocks as possible along the way. This is what your wedding plans are, a map or guide helping you get to your destination.

So before you make any calls decide on the following things with you future spouse. This is a good way of enhancing and strengthening your new bonds and prepares you for future instances as husband and wife.

So grab a notebook and answer the following questions:

1.  What type of wedding do we want to have?

  • Formal; Semi-Formal; Semi-Casual; Casual

2.  What type of environment would we like to have?

  • Beach, Mountains, Home, Garden-View, Modern, Destination

3.  How many guests would we like to invite?

4.  Would we like to have the ceremony and reception in one location or separate?

5.  How much can we spend? Or What is our budget?

These basic questions will help you to get a basic plan of how much you can anticipate to spend. With your last question it will give you the realistic side of what you actually can spend. If you are working with an Event Planner they can help you to fine tune your “map” so that you can see where you are going and how it will be possible to get there. If you don’t have a planner, no worries, you can still outline your own “map” with patience and realistic views. The point is to have a plan so that when you look at you ring and say “Now What?!” you can reply, “I’ve got a plan!”

Happy Trails to You!

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