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Shanda Freeman: Relationships, Motherhood & Fashion

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Shanda Freeman: Relationships, Motherhood & Fashion

I was originally introduced to our cover model Shanda Freeman as she co-hosted Man & Wife on MTV with her husband radio personality Fatman Scoop.

The show was different. Imagine a couple laying in bed (fully clothed) while handing out advice on sex and relationships to a live and television audience. It was brilliant and had never been done before. Shanda & Fatman Scoop touched on subjects that we needed to hear.

As the 2011 Full Figured Fashion Week™ Finale Runway & Award Ceremony host, Shanda will bring her brand of honesty and fun to the event!

You openly discuss sex and relationships on your video blog Man & Wife TV and on your MTV show by the same title. Why is communication so important in a relationship?

Communication is so important in a relationship because you’re telling your partner what works for you and what doesn’t. As easy as that statement sounds, it is the hardest part for many couples to understand. Good communication HAS to start early in your relationship, right at the very beginning. It sets the tone for moving ahead. You can always convey what makes you happy and unhappy in a way thats respectful. Always communicate in a way that you wish to be communicated to.

Did being on MTV and helping others with relationship issues, help your relationship with your husband?

In giving advice to others you greatly enhance your relationship. What has always inspired me and my husband is people sharing their stories of how we helped them. We even had one couple naming their twins after me and my husband! Our constant communication with others, keeps our communication open and flowing. I love that most about our marriage.

What bedroom tips can you give our DVD readers?

1. Be open to change! Allow your partner to try some new moves! 2. Oral is not just for dentists! LOL! 3.Take it outside! I have and I love it!

Your topics on your internet show Shanda Says! are so juicy.  You often say what people are thinking but afraid to say. Where do you come up with these topics?

Most topics we discuss are all based on our own experiences, or friends and family members. Sex and Relationships is a topic that never gets old and you always want to know more about!

Speaking of relationships, you seem like such a fun mom and daughter. Tell me about your relationships with your daughter and mother?

I have been a mom since I was 15 and have always been a great mother. It’s a job that I took on at a young age, but I took it on responsibly. I have always been very close to my daughter and been there for her. I’m so proud of that because many women don’t have those relationships with their mom.

I lost my mother 7 months ago, and it feels like yesterday. I am still struggling with her loss. My mommy was such a strong and understanding woman. You could confide in her with anything. She was my rock. I realize my ability to give advice was passed on to me through her. She was so special to me.

The mother-daughter relationship is amazing. What do you miss most about your mom?

What I miss most about my mom is just saying “mommy.” I realized that I needed her as much today as I did when I was a child, if not more. But, she instilled so many great things in me as a woman and she lives on in me that way.

As a child were you encouraged to speak your mind and use your voice?

I cannot even begin to share with you that my parents were huge on their children sharing their beliefs! My dad had this saying, “Just cause it’s in black in white doesn’t mean it’s right!” Meaning don’t take everything your read as fact! Question and take the time to find out things on your own and make an informed decision based on that! I still live by my dad’s philosophy today. You can’t sell Shanda no bridges!! LOL!

You’ve also done a number of things in the healthcare and public service sector. Why is it important for us to support different causes and people?

You have to at some time in your life give to service. Be it volunteering or if you’re blessed,in your work. You have to have something you believe in outside of yourself. It keeps you humble and grateful. You feel so proud that you’re able to make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

What is the best feedback you’ve received from a fan?

The best feedback I’ve received was someone telling me that I helped them in a way that inspired or empowered them to change something that made them unhappy.

Speaking of empowering women, as the 2011 host for Full Figured Fashion Week’s™ Finale show you are taking on a great task.  Are you familiar with the designers being featured during FFFweek?

I am familiar with some of the designers at Full Figured Fashion Week™! But, I will tell you the element of surprise in fashion is what I love, so I’m looking forward to seeing some of the designers work for the first time. I find it very fun and exciting!

Which events are most excited to attend?

I am looking forward to the white event on the yacht! Speaking at the youth empowerment event and most of all hosting the Finale!

What was your first thought when Gwen DeVoe (Founder & Executive Produce of FFFweek) first approached you to host?

When Ms.DeVoe first approached me to host, I was so humbled! She doesn’t know this but once I got alone I cried because after losing my mom this opportunity felt like such a blessing to me and I love  Gwen for that! We are going to have fun this year!! It’s going to be a huge fashion party!!

You interact with your fans so well on facebook. Will fans be able to personally meet during the weekend?

I look FORWARD to meeting and greeting everyone at this year’s event! I may look like a diva, but I certainly don’t act like one! LOL!

Have you picked an outfit to wear to the fashion show Finale?

It is a huge surprise who I’m wearing this year, so you have to be there to see!!

What else is Mrs. Shanda Freeman up to besides being fabulous?

I am in works to bringing Shanda Says to television as well as me and my husband working on a sitcom together! I am also working on a fabulous plus size clothing line with my friend and partner Rachel Fennimore of Fennimas jewelry. Women are going to LOVE what fashions we have in store for them! I hope the world is ready for me!!

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