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Abby Z & Beverly Bond, Tupperware’s New Confidence Counselors


Abby Z & Beverly Bond, Tupperware’s New Confidence Counselors

Tupperware Brands Corporation recently re-launched its “Chain of Confidence” (COC) Facebook page at, providing an online forum where visitors can share stories, get advice from others and form bonds with like-minded women around the world. The page is an online community that serves to help women achieve their personal and professional goals.

To help the confidence chain grow Tupperware has selected professional DJ and founder of Black Girls ROCK! Beverly Bond and fashion designer/stylist Abby Z. as their Confidence Counselors. Both women will share their own stories of how they achieved success and offer simple tips to help other women realize their dreams.

In addition, Tupperware Brands will donate $1 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America for each of the first 25,000 “likes” of the newly re-launched COC Facebook page.

To learn more, visit or join the #Confidence chain at Twitter handle @confideconquer.

Below is the first of many videos from Confidence Counselor Abby Z.


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