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What Mia Amber Davis meant to me…


What Mia Amber Davis meant to me…

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this. I have had to fight back the tears all day and night.  Mia Amber Davis has made her transition to heaven. I first saw Mia in the Ashley Stewart campaigns back in 2007 and friended her on Myspace. I always thought she was beautiful, but nothing could have prepared me for the beauty that was within her.

Since 2008, Mia has been a force of support and positivity in my life. She would rearrange her schedule to fly to Detroit and Canada to attend the Fuller Woman Expo and lead our modeling workshops. She lended her voice to our panel discussions offering encouragement to hundreds of  women in attendance.  She became the face of expo, because she embodied everything that we stand for-integrity, grace, positivity and empowerment of the plus size woman.

Past her support of my events, she was always a phone call away.  She was never negative,always available and  always giving positive advice when I needed it the most. I rejoiced in her every triumph-from her appearance on CNN to her appearances on BET’s Rip the Runway.

I was so blessed to provide an opportunity for others to meet her and stand in her light. She was my inspiration, my motivation, my friend.  She will never be forgotten. Rest, beautiful angel.



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