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To Mom, With Love (Happy Mother’s Day)


To Mom, With Love (Happy Mother’s Day)

Dear Mima,

Another mother’s day by your side. Two years ago when you got sick and almost died in my arms the doctor had told me to give you a last goodbye. I prayed with all I had and then some. As I prayed I talked to God and thanked him for all he has ever given me, mainly for you. I didn’t get angry, I thanked him over and over again for all the times I have shared with you in the last 36 years. For the blessing of having you meet, love and raise my four children, to celebrate all of my joys in the plus size industry, to be there when I purchased ‘our’ first home and created amazing gardens together.

I want to say that God felt my love for him and granted us more time on this earth.

You are still here. You are healing and came out of the coma, you talk to me and smile to me and I have enjoyed your beauty for another two years. I don’t know what the future holds but as a family we have grown closer. We miss you at home, but your love has brought us closer and made us stronger to take on whatever may come.

I see you in my son Roman. He cooks like you, enjoys doing the laundry and he does this and very calmly says, I got to keep the house clean for when grandma returns.

Raquel writes you letters and puts them in your room daily. She tells everyone that her grandma is beautiful and her best friend.

Devin has decided to grow his hair long for you. He has not cut it and he says when gram gets home, I will shave it all off. He has your natural curls and he is rocking some serious ‘Spanish’ curly hair, but the girls love it! Boys at 15 will do anything.

Anthony starts college and wants to remain in town to be close to you. I told him to go where he wants and he said no, not right now. You are the cane of this family, when we are injured, or confused we grab a hold of you and walk, with steady knowledge and love.

As for me, I am your daughter and have become stronger in an unstoppable sense. I have reached a level of success many never dream of. I won’t stop anymore going after my dreams and being the best mother, wife, daughter and friend I can be. I know you will always be with me. You will forever remain my best friend, the one that would let me hide the secret of my first boyfriend when I was 13 from dad. You would go with me to the movies and let me and my boyfriend sit together and hold hands. You waited every day after school for me with a smile, asking me how my day went. You never said NO to me, even when NO should have been the best answer, you said, ‘Let’s see what we can do!’.

I am adored as a mother but only because your blueprints of love have made me this way. I love you mima, more than three life times can ever share. I love you because you were the angel that God put in my life to show me his ways, to live and love life.

I am blessed to see something of you in my four kids, especially in Raquel. She is a little YOU. May God bless you always and I hope and pray that next year you will be here to enjoy our special day again.

Love Olga

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