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Fashion + Football: NFL Draft Congrats Gala


Fashion + Football: NFL Draft Congrats Gala

Tuesday, April 26th,The Fashion Reporter, in association with The Samsung Experience, Jose Cuervo Platino, Baked by Melissa, White Castle, and Perry Ellis will host the 4th Annual Fashion and Football Congratulations Gala. The event takes place from 8pm-11pm at The Samsung Experience, 10 Columbus Circle, 3rd floor of the Time Warner Center, New York City.

During this gala the stars of the NFL and fashion’s elite will collide under one roof for a night of sophisticated glamour combined with endless fun. The Samsung Experience will provide the perfect space for this annual takeover of the city, providing an ideal setting for guests to be entertained with their massive 3D TV screens, interactive video games, the latest hand-held toys from Samsung, as well as other high tech gadgets.

This is a huge event and DVD has been invited to do press, mingle, tweet and blog!

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