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12 Ways to Renew Your Spirit


12 Ways to Renew Your Spirit

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Intuitive psychologist Susan Apollon says spiritual healing means learning how to focus on what makes you feel good or better. It’s all about choices—choosing to release the old “stuff” that attracts undesirable energetic consequences and to replace it with positive thoughts, images, and activities.

Create Harmony and Balance through Breath Meditation. Choose to start each day by practicing the breath meditation technique for 15 minutes: Visualize your breath coming in from God or the Universe, merging with you (your body, thoughts, feelings), and filling you with healing energy.

Become Conscious of Your Power through Journaling. Choose to journal for 15 minutes a day about situations, times, and incidents when you could feel and/or were aware at some level of your power and how great it felt.

Affirm Your Power throughout the Day. Write affirmations and both visualize and feel the power within you as you daily make these high-vibrational statements to your cells: I Am worthy, I Am wise, I Am beautiful, I Am intelligent, I Am compassionate, I Am loving, I Am forgiving, I Am strong, I Am lovable, As I breathe in, I Am a part of God, I Am always protected and watched over, I Am that I Am. I Am, I Am, I Am!

Choose Forgiveness. Choose to consciously detach from and surrender to the Universe any attachments to old hurts, resentments, betrayals, and so on. Bring to mind the person or issue that creates pain for you, then Face it, Embrace it, Breathe it out, and Choose to say I forgive you or I surrender you to God, Source, or the Universe, because I choose to move on with my life.

Practice the Art of Visualization. Envisioning what you want is a tremendously powerful technique. Because we think visually, picturing what we want in our mind’s eye—good health, Divine protection for ourselves or our children, and so forth—helps us co-create that outcome.

Perform an Act of Compassion, Caring, Kindness, and Service Daily. Choose to Make a Difference. Choose any activity in which you do something for another person or group of people with authentic feelings of compassion and love.

Choose to Be Inspired. Choose to read or listen to materials that inform, soothe, entertain, and connect you with your own soul. Apollon’s own book, Touched by the Extraordinary: An Intuitive Psychologist Shares Insights, Lessons, and True Stories of Spirit and Love to Transform and Heal the Soul, is one such work.

Take Action Regarding at Least One Intention. Choose to gather your courage each day and take action toward the creating of at least one intention.

Create a Sacred Space for Prayer. Create a sacred space in your home or office. On a small table or part of your desk, have a candle, a picture of a loved one, or even a lovely figurine or crystal. Use a soft blanket or a small, pretty rug or mat to create feelings of warmth and sacredness.

Remember Your Blessings. Choose to show gratitude when you address your higher power, be it God, the Universe, your angels, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, or any other deity. Thank you is a high vibration. Throughout the day, express appreciation for every one of your blessings. Visualize each blessing and give thanks for it; as you say it, picture it and appreciate it.

Love Yourself First; Then Love Others. Pampering yourself may seem like odd spiritual advice, but Apollon swears by it. Choose to love yourself every day by devoting at least a half-hour to an hour or more doing something for yourself. Find your passion and pursue it!

Smile, Laugh, Tell a Joke or Funny Story, Watch a Funny Movie or Video, Dance Your Favorite Dance, or Listen to Your Favorite Music That Makes Your Heart Sing. Laughter and music are good for the body, for raising your energetic vibrations, and for you.

“Spiritual healing feels good,” reflects Apollon. “Yes, it takes work and practice, but it’s not some tough, rigorous discipline. Why else would we do it?”


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