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What To Do After Prom


What To Do After Prom

Fun Activities After the Prom

After the dancing and the fun of prom night, energies are still very high. Most young boys and girls are not ready to go home and sleep yet. Here are some fun and enjoyable activities after the prom that you can do:

Attend an after –prom party sponsored by the school

If there is an after-prom party that your school is sponsoring it would be a great idea to attend. It is a continuation of the fun of prom night with your school friends considering that this will be the last event that you will be in their company. For sure there will be food, drinks, music and entertaining activities.

Grab a meal at a late night dinner

Having some late night snack in a dinner all dressed up in your tuxedo and the ladies in their beautiful prom dresses will be a lot more fun.

Go to a teen disco

Extend the dancing and merriment for a few more hours in a teen disco where you will be the most elegantly dressed kids there.

Watch a late night movie

Invade the entire back row of the late night movie house with the whole gang and really have a hilarious or “scary” night particularly if the movie house is showing horror pictures or comedy movies.

Have a bon fire party on the beach

Go home, get warm clothes snacks and music equipment and continue the party on the beach and wait for the sunrise

Go camping

This is not going to be spontaneous, some pre planning is needed here. Before the prom bring all the camping gear, food and drinks in the camping grounds and after the prom head to the camping ground with some of your closest friend for a night of reminiscing, singing and storytelling.

Remember that most young girls have curfews. Be sure to inform your date’s parents of what you plan to do if you are planning to bring her to the after prom activities. Some young men though enjoy their own company, so go ahead ask your good friends and have fun.


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