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Men That Love Our Curves: Meet Juan Silva


Men That Love Our Curves: Meet Juan Silva

Meet Juan Silva..

They say that younger guys always cater to the ‘skinny’ girls but Juan begs to differ. He is dating the beautiful Jillian and she is fit yet very curvy. Juan really hates how society thinks that ‘big’ girls aren’t healthy or can’t be involved in sports. Juan is a 21 year old college student & entrepreneur that stays busy with technology and politics.

Juan & Jillian enjoy outdoor activities and feel strongly about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There is no one more perfect than a girl with a voluptuous body and his Jillian fits that part to perfection. Jillian is his first ‘thick’ girl and he is set on her being the last. They are engaged and planning a beautiful wedding in the next three years.

From Juan:
Hey this mag is pretty cool and it makes my girlfriend feel like she belongs to an elite group of chic’s, a hot group of chic’s. I am happy she can come here and read content and make friends that have much in common with her lifestyle. DVD keep up the good job.

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