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Monday Morning Motivation – “Find Your Center”


Monday Morning Motivation – “Find Your Center”

Monday Morning Motivation – “Find Your Center” with Monica Marie Jones

After studying several types of dance for over twenty years I can definitely say that Ballet was the most challenging form of dance for me. It was the most challenging, yet, if anyone asks me what classes they should sign their children up for, I recommend ballet, because the technique and fundamentals that you learn, help you to be stronger in all other areas of dance.

The technique was what I struggled with the most. Several things had to be done in very precise ways for certain movements to even work. My favorite move was the pirouette, which to the non-dancing eye might look like a spin or a turn in place. I strived to master the triple pirouette, which as I’m sure you guessed means three turns in a row without stopping.

My instructors always emphasized how important it was to find your center. With all turns, good posture, or “pulling up” as they would say, was key and finding your center was mandatory. If you were off center when you turned, you would fall off balance.

Lately, with all of my speaking engagements, travel, training and consulting I’ve found that I’ve begun to feel like I’m spinning out of control and I just can’t find my center. So I had to take a day off on Sunday to just ground myself and get my center back.

The same is the case for you. Do you find yourself spinning with responsibilities, drama, work, school, family or life? If you aren’t strongly grounded or centered, you may find yourself feeling like you are figuratively or literally about to topple over.

Let’s look at a few strategies to help you successfully execute the twists and turns in your life.

Finding Your Center: Establish a few constants that you can always come back to to help you balance your life. This might be church every Sunday, a favorite show that you watch every week, a certain person that you have coffee with who you can talk to that listens actively, exercising or journaling daily. It would be easy for me to consume my entire life with work, so I have to find my center by intentionally planning for a healthy work life balance. In order to do this, I have staple events in my life such as Girl’s Night Out, Ballroom Dancing Night, and Battle of the Sexes Game Night. Per my nephew’s suggestion, I will also be adding a Family Game Night soon. These things bring me joy and a sense of peace that offsets the pressure and stress that can come with all of the work that I do.

Spotting (Focus): One other important technique that is integral to executing successful turns is a term that is referred to as “spotting”. This is especially important when you are traveling across the floor with your turns. Spotting means that you find a stationary point of focus, and every time you turn you whip your head and your eyes right back to that same spot. This helps to keep you turning in a straight line and prevents dizziness. Therefore when it comes to your life, it is important that you find that static point of focus that you can always snap your head back to as you navigate the twists and turns. It may be that degree you hope to attain, it may be that house you want to buy, it may be your children or your family. Whatever it is, having that thing to look to will keep you on the straight and narrow even while you are turning.

This week I challenge you to identify one thing that centers you and one thing to spot, or focus on. Don’t let a day go by without having these things in mind so that you won’t find yourself spinning out of control or falling off balance. Find the focus that you need to stay on task. Find the joy and peace that you need to live a healthy life physically, mentally and spiritually. Find your center.

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