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If You’ve Got It..Flaunt it


If You’ve Got It..Flaunt it


Photo Credit: 1SG Photography

The sun is bright and the weather is warming up at least in our side of the world and at the moment. It is time to reach in your closet for your spring clothes or just do a ‘welcome’ spring shopping spree. I am speaking to YOU, the beautiful and very curvy you that likes to hide her thighs, her chunky arms, the big gut. Let’s face it we big girls can come up with some crazy names to describe our plus size bodies. I call my fat arms, ‘My steaks’ don’t ask..just go with it. But anyways…we tend to shop with restrictions. We may find the most beautiful blouse and then it is short sleeves and we stare at it like seeing a demon and we say, ‘Oh hell no’. we are not showing the big arms. We need to take a step back and just relax. Yes we need to shop for flattering clothes but your arms are with it. That blouse make look perfect on you but you will never know this because you haven’t given it a thought, the only thought on your mind is that shirt is not for me.

We talk about fashion not being fair for us thick girls and then when designers design something sexy or that a thin girl would wear we aren’t buying these outfits. Hello! Isn’t this what we wanted? Equal opportunities in the fashion world.

Let’s be bold and creative. I am not telling you to run ‘naked’ in the street with all your goodies hanging out. But dress according to the weather. If it is nice out and hot, wear your tank top with some cute capri jeans. Not the tank top with a light sweater over it and then the jeans. Love yourself for all you are worth, baby fat arms or not.

I am taking my own advice here and getting me some new t-shirts and tank tops and if the world doesn’t want to see me they can look or way or just close their eyes. As for me my eyes are wide open and I am loving what I see…Me, Me, Me!

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