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For The Modern (Busy) Bride: An Organized Stress Free Wedding


For The Modern (Busy) Bride: An Organized Stress Free Wedding

Gretchen Davis-Strutzenberg, founder and CEO of Entertaining As Always! Weddings and Events, has created a quick guide for the modern bride.  For the bride who may not have a full-service wedding planner in body, she can have one in a book.

The No-Stress “Day Of” Organizer is a no-nonsense guide to arrange and focus on the wedding day, remembering the details and forgetting the drama.  The step-by-step write-in organizer explains every aspect of wedding planning in easy-to-understand terms to ensure that no payment, name, or minute detail is forgotten.

Continue reading as Gretchen Davis-Strutzenberg answers questions you may have about her exciting new book!

Q. Why did you come up with the No-Stress “Day of” Wedding Organizer?

For many and most brides, putting together the wedding day can be scattered.  Each bride will accumulate loads of paperwork, legal contracts, business cards…..the process can be overwhelming.  Our organizer gives the bride one condensed item to hold everything:  You have it to set up all your consultations and you have it to pass on for your Big Day.  From everything to contact information and phone numbers, to seating charts and contracts, organization is key to your wedding.

Q.  Are these the actual steps you take when organizing day-of coordination as a professional planner?

Yes, they are.  We solidify all details, final payments, and services to be performed.  All planners and coordinators need to know floor plan layout, specific guest seating, and everything in-between from when the bride wakes up in the morning to when she steps off to her honeymoon.  It is the exact process that an event coordinator follows on the day-of to cover the entire wedding day.

Q.  What is the most difficult thing of planning the day-of that the book offers a solution for?

The timeline and finalizing the budget is the most key problem to avoid.  When brides and grooms split tasks and payments, often one will forget a payment or assume that someone else has made the payment.  Chances are, neither the bride nor groom will have a checkbook handy at the wedding!  Having the organizer in front of you serves as a reminder to make each payment and, moreover, the precise deadline for when each payment needs to be made.  Details like this are sure-fired ways to appease and avoid unnecessary arguments.

Q.  Why is the organizer so short?

Our book is short because it gets to the point.  Walking down the aisles of Barnes & Noble and seeing the stacks of encyclopedia-sized wedding guides can be overwhelming, especially to carry with you throughout your months of planning.  No-Stress “Day of” Wedding Organizer has no fluff.  Instead, it helps you navigate through the fluff to get down to the hard details from a full-spectrum point of view.  We want you to be able to visualize your wedding using this book.  We’ve purposefully made it small enough to fit inside your planner or purse, but concise enough to cover all the important details.

The No-Stress “Day of” Organizer: For the Modern (Busy) Bride is available through, and for retail price $19.95.

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