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7 Ways To Turn A Friend Into Your Man


7 Ways To Turn A Friend Into Your Man

Sometimes we look everywhere for love only to find that it was right in front of our eyes the whole time. If you have found your love in your friend and want him to become your lover as well here is what you need to do.

Give out subtle signals first

When you want to turn your friend into your lover then you need to act with a fair amount of subtlety. You cannot bomb your man with the way you feel about him and expect him to react favorably. Take things slowly and have patience when you want it to be a smooth transition from friends to lovers.

Get him to see you differently

You also need to make your friend see that you are a beautiful woman. Men often don’t notice the feminine aspects of friends. So to make him your lover you have to make changes in the way you look so that he sees how attractive you really are.

Start hanging out with each other alone

If you have been indulging in group activities with your man then it is time to change things a little. Start going out for movies alone, plan a picnic that you can take him to or just hang out doing nothing minus the group of friends. As you spend more time alone you both will get closer and the transition from friends to lovers will be seamless.’

Establish physical contact

Change the way you touch each other when you want to become lovers. The platonic hitting has to pave the way for lighter and fleeting touches that show him that things are changing gradually.

Make him see your girlfriend potential

You need your friend to see how much of potential you have as a girlfriend. Make him see that you understand him well and like him for who he is. Since you will be accepting of him for the person that he is he will begin to feel a whole lot closer to you and will be willing to become more than friends.

Make him see how much he matters to you

You also need to show your man how much he matters to you. Be there for him, support him and make him see that you love him unconditionally. He will see how good you are for him and how he too feels the same way about you and will be willing to be lovers.

Get the green monster out of the bag

Give your man a little nudge by making him feel a little jealous. Talk to him about some fantastic date you went for. The fear of losing you will make him see how he really feels about you.

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