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The Key to Personal Empowerment, Happiness and Success


The Key to Personal Empowerment, Happiness and Success

We begin life as curious, creative and hopeful creatures. We see the world around us as a place filled with wonder and opportunity. But many of us grew up with a troubled childhood set in a society that taught us to fear, hate and harm ourselves. After starting out as butterflies we were forced by life’s hardships to become caterpillars. With this “reverse metamorphosis,” our positive, soaring souls became buried under layers of negativity.

Dr. Louise Hart has written a powerful book to get metamorphosis going in the right direction again, and recover one’s self-esteem.

Self-esteem—or the lack thereof—dictates how we manage our lives. It is essential for mental health, well-being, and healthy families. This book will help you uncover your wonderful true nature that has been there all along.

Improving one’s self-esteem is the single most important thing a person can do to develop the inner strength needed to resist pressures to use drugs or drink excessively. It can give one the courage to make good lifestyle decisions, set boundaries, lose weight, stop smoking and even find a job.

“Recovering self-esteem is a process,” she says. “As we grow older, we develop so many layers of defenses that we end up wrapped in a cocoon. The three stages that help us to turn back into a butterfly are: Reaching In, Reaching Out, and then Reaching High.

From the moment you begin to direct your own life, your days as a caterpillar are numbered. “First we learn to listen to ourselves, accept ourselves, set personal boundaries and formulate goals. Once we emerge from our former cocoon, then we are ready to approach the world anew.”

Her book explains how recovering self-esteem is a journey in discovering the remnants of one’s self-worth and weaving them into wings. It is founded on finding compassion for oneself and affirming that you have always been okay—even when you felt like a lowly plodding caterpillar. It involves understanding what happened to you, healing old wounds, and moving to a better place.

Loosening the grip of the past, you start spinning your cocoon and growing within it. The topics, skills, and exercises serve as stepping stones to discovering and recovering self-esteem, and becoming a butterfly, finding new power, and preparing to return to one’s community to participate and build a new life.

The final step of transformation involves emerging from your cocoon, spreading your wings, and living your life in a whole new way.

“Transformation introduces infinite possibilities for joy, adventure, love, and delight which bring lightness and continual renewal to the soul. Life itself becomes its own reward.”

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