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Positive Self Image- Crucial to Happiness and Fulfillment


Positive Self Image- Crucial to Happiness and Fulfillment

We often get articles and thoughts submitted from our readers.  Many of them are women and men who have an opinion about the world they live in.  We love to showcase our readers, their photos and their thoughts. Meet DVD reader, Michelle M. Daugherty

I have been dark, red, blonde, many colors and although I stay with blonde, I believe there are many definitions of beauty.  I read an article in BUST magazine Lithuanian Firm Wants to Create an “Island of Blondes” about a spa in The Maldives where all the female employees are required to be blonde.

Some people say this is a good marketing strategy, I say it’s discrimination.

Today’s society is often disgusting in how they idealize and promote anorexic women and women trying to be perfect just to please someone else. Often, if not always, these so called perfect 10?s are some of the most insecure women out there.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, cultures and ethnicities. This spa is perpetuating both discrimination and objectification of women, the comment of how brunettes feel bad about themselves and eventually go blonde really shows this Managing Director has some issues herself.

Either way, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and self esteem is beautiful!

We should be promoting self esteem, healing and forgiveness, self worth and strength, not so called artificial perfection.  We are always seeking perfection, it seems. What’s wrong with being who we are?

Plus size is becoming more accepted, but still the question remains:  Is it ok to be fat?  After watching Crystal Renn, I just HAD to look up this  fashion plus size knowledge- spewing beauty!

Then of course, I had to put in my two cents since I model myself.  I started plus size modeling as a way to get out of my comfort zone; to learn to love my body.  It is one of the best things I have ever done. It was just one step in my path to self love.  It is the era of Strong, Plus size women!  Throughout history the curvaceous and voluptuous woman was considered the ideal.  Somewhere along the line that changed. Then came the 1960s and the “Twiggy” era of “Thin is In”.  After 40 plus years, (pardon the pun) of being ridiculed and shunned by society’s beauty standards, the revolution has begun to reclaim that curvy, voluptuous  women are beautiful, sexy and SASSY!

I believe this and I live it.

I have been modeling since 2008 and have encouraged other women to feel good about themselves, to be strong, independent forces of nature.  I am big on information sharing. I blog alot. I’m on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, but mostly I blog HERE.

I believe women should come together and empower themselves, through love, healing, forgiveness and build each other up.  My goal is to build a program, along with a  website I’m creating,  to help women to empower themselves.

You cannot turn off negative thoughts/ voices but you can learn to control them.  You have to learn to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts.  Everyone has negative thoughts, Men, Women, Everyone, Young, Old, Everyone.  Positive self esteem is crucial for a happy and fulfilling life.  Women with high self-esteem have learned to exchange negative self-talk for positive inner dialogue.  Many, many, women have gone from having LOW SELF ESTEEM to HIGH SELF ESTEEM.

I have done it. So can you!

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