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A Meeting in the Plus-Size Ladies Room


A Meeting in the Plus-Size Ladies Room

Meet Our Male Contributor, Emo Loredo

I had the honor of being invited to an Igigi for the Chevy Cruzarati photo shoot with MoxieManagement publicist Tina Sanchez. Upon my arrival at the studio, I was instantly greeted by the administrative staff, and judging from their smiles as wide as the Grand Canyon, I could tell they loved their job. There were pleasant conversations roaming around, hair curlers twirling about, and a table full of plump seeded bagels, ripe fruit, fresh vegetables, and a bowl full of Hershey assortments for the picking (ironically, the vegetables got the most attention).

Ten minutes into the Igigi studio, I was led into the photo shoot studio and found myself surrounded by some of the most beautiful creatures to grace this green earth since the rise of penguins, plus-size women! I did the Tweedle Dee and Dum thing of howdy-dooing these girls while stating my name (Emo) and business (Director of Creative Writing for MoxieManagement). Despite being one of few men there, the girls had no problem with me hanging out, making me feel welcomed and loved.

When it was time for them to get ready, I went to go plop on a couch, which ended up swallowing me whole since I literally sank into it, making bags fly into the air. I sat there and sipped water from tiny little bottles as I watched the girls put their make-up on and get their hair ready, nervously praying that none of them would poke their eyes out with their eye liner (I forgot they were make-up professionals for a fraction of a second). Adjacent to me where the dressing rooms, and since there were roughly six to eight women there, they got ready in pairs. Each girl came out sporting Igigi dresses that I believe will take fashion on a whole new level, for they brought out the beauty, confidence, and poise of each girl while accentuating their voluptuous curves.

As I talked, complimented, praised the girls for their work, and provided contradicting yet humorous advice, I realized I was in a world where derogatory and hurtful statements towards plus-size girls no longer existed, for such cruelty transformed into a source of empowerment. My conversations with these Igigi models helped me connect with them in that while our differences supplied our tormentors with the color commentary, they actually made us stronger people by teaching us to love ourselves for who we are and to acknowledge and celebrate our uniqueness (busting the cake out on this one!).

These plus-size women were more than just plus-size models: they were daughters, sisters, mothers, educators, athletes, lovers, fighters, and philosophers. Anyone can take a picture of a girl with the assurance of captivating an audience, but it is Igigi who has the cataclysmic ability to capture the deeper image of their plus-size girls by provoking the thoughts of their audience. The cool thing about Igigi was that they used a mixture of professionals and real customers to for their shoot. I was not able to stay for the whole shoot (thanks to a lot work!), but I left knowing I had experienced an educational and promising opportunity to paint a portrait of these for these plus-size friends of mine through words. My words. The words of an impossible image.

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