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My Daily Rant: This Really Pisses Me Off!!


My Daily Rant: This Really Pisses Me Off!!

I have been wanting to do my own blog for a hot minute. I would design it, go live and then just forget it. There is so much I do and want to express and this is my little..not so private voice to do it. Not sure about you, but I love the world of blogs especially reading them. Most of us are super busy with careers, family, hobbies not to mention all the trouble a curvy girl can get into..that can be plenty.

I am glad I didn’t attend a certain event..the vendors were excellent, the models attending beautiful, the clients too but the one person who was suppose to wear the ‘belt’ nice and tight and carry her weight, didn’t deliver. That truly pisses me off.

This industry is made for Professionals ONLY and if you cannot conduct yourself in that matter then please leave the plus size industry and go ruin some other career! I swear if I hear this woman’s name one more time in a negative comment I am calling up Mrs. Obama and asking her to intervene. She has got to have some pull and rid us of the ‘kitkat’ effect and I sure wish I was talking about the delicious chocolate bar.

No one is going to ever work with this woman again. I don’t plan to ever be in the same room with her and If anyone ever decides to seat me next to her in an event..we are DONE!

Most of us in the Plus Size industry have started from scratch and building up our ideas, talent and corporations a day at a time which is very hard when most of the ‘fashion’ world seems to think beauty is only size 2 deep!

I will not say any names you know who you are and everyone reading this nodding their heads up and down and smiling but deep down knowing there is nothing funny about this character. Shady yeah but not funny.

I feel much better now..whhh I had so much to let out. Now I feel a little hungry heading over to have a well deserved yogurt.

Curvaciously Yours..

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